Visiting Teaching Convention

January Visiting Teaching Convention

It was a wild winter’s night, but the church was cozy and warm.  Not just because the heating was toasty, but because of all the friendly faces gathered inside, ready to offer a loving hug.

The meeting started off in the chapel, with tender, inspirational talks from Moira, Fiona and Agnes.

We then moved to the cultural hall, and took part in a little fun quiz, that made Continue reading Visiting Teaching Convention

A Parable For Visiting Teachers

Sisters, March has been a busy month for us as a presidency. We have been doing visiting teaching interviews. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet with you individually and have a wee chat about visiting teaching. There have been a few changes but for the most part the list remains the same. Sisters we are delighted with the work that you do, please keep up the good work. We love Continue reading A Parable For Visiting Teachers