Family Stories-Tall Tales and All

We start out on our lives planning and dreaming about our future. The years move on, and before we know it, we’re no longer dreaming about the future – we’re trying to recall the past.

We had just enjoyed a meal with my brother, sisters and spouses, and had moved from the table to a cozy corner in one of the hotel’s lounges. Gathered round a blazing fire, and seated in comfy Continue reading Family Stories-Tall Tales and All

How to Write Your Life Story

Following on from Scott & Maureen Gibson’s article 99 Words, we thought we would point you in the direction of the FamilySearch initiative – #52 Stories – an invaluable aid in tackling the daunting task of writing your own story.

This initiative comes complete with an exciting set of free downloadable printables – an absolute must – whether your are new to journaling or Continue reading How to Write Your Life Story

99 Words

We’re delighted to be able to welcome two well-known guests to the Irvine Ward Journal. Stake Ward History Specialists, Scott and Maureen, have prepared a post for us, which I’m sure you will enjoy.

As Stake Church History Specialists we are to encourage members to keep a journal

“The Prophet Joseph Smith began keeping a personal record a month before he turned 27. His first journal, a small volume that documents November of 1832 through December of 1834 in a little over a hundred pages, is one of the priceless treasures preserved in the Church History Library in Salt Lake City. Continue reading 99 Words